Loans which exceed the conforming mortgage loan amounts offered by the traditional secondary market private and government insured agencies are called a Jumbo Loan or may also be considered a non-conforming loan – one which has non-standard, features, qualification and loan amount attributes that are greater than traditional conventional housing mortgages.

The Moneyhouse Jumbo Loan is perfect for people who need a loan that’s a little larger than what a conforming loan can offer with features and benefits that also address higher property values and affordability.

If you have a lower debt-to-income ratio, a higher credit score, and a larger down payment, a jumbo loan may be right for you. Borrower and property qualification requirements may be a little more conservative for a Jumbo loan as many of the loans are custom underwritten to more non-traditional profiles.

The Moneyhouse Jumbo Loan features

  • Loan Amounts from $647,200 up to $2,000,000, higher with some programs
  • Competitive rates and loan type options available
  • Fixed rate and adjustable rate loan interest options
  • A variety of loan terms
  • Ability to consider Borrower and property compensating factors
  • Purchase and Refinance Loan-to-Value availability up to 80% of the sales price or appraised value without private mortgage insurance
  • Investment and Second Home Properties are eligible
  • Simple, easy and quick loan processing
Loan Name Available in U.S. Available in P.R.
JUMBO – Adjustable Rate YES

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Not all programs, references, products, options and terms indicated are available in all states. Terms, features and benefits for specific loan programs and information provided are subject to change without notice. This information is not a loan commitment, loan approval, or offer to lend. Individual and property specific program qualification guidelines including borrower and property eligibility should be discussed with a professionally licensed Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator. You are encouraged to seek professional services assistance for accounting, legal and real estate matters relating to your contemplated transaction. Some programs referenced may require specific 3rd party or designated housing counseling requirements. For refinance programs, program imitations may include cash-out options and loan-to-value – refer to specific program guidelines offered by your professionally licensed Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator for more details. For purchase transactions, property value is determined as the lesser of the final purchase price or the adjusted appraised value – refer to specific program qualification and eligibility guidelines offered by your professionally licensed Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator for more details. Programs and products noted may require the payment of upfront, annual and/or monthly private mortgage insurance premiums and/or mortgage insurance payments. Not all programs will provide proceeds sufficient to pay off outstanding debts and liens filed of record. Other restrictions may apply. These materials and information are not from or approved by HUD/FHA. The Money House, Inc., is an Equal Housing Lender.