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The mortgage market continues to change and innovate. Unlike “the old days” when Borrowers had basically 2 choices, a 15 year fixed rate or a 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan, today’s mortgage market is packed with programs whose features and benefits have greatly expanded the opportunity for many more consumers to enjoy or maintain home ownership, based upon their specific needs and situation.


You are not alone. Many consumers find the mortgage process very confusing and frustrating. Our experience tells us that there are some simple steps you can take to help ease the stress associated with your mortgage loan transaction:


At Moneyhouse, our professionally licensed Mortgage Loan Originators will assist you in the purchase process for the home of your dreams or in refinancing your present home to fit your financial strategy. The sooner you are able to understand the options, features and benefits of today’s mortgage products available, the easier your final decision will be to proceed. We are here for you, from contract to closing, and will provide the expertise, support, resources and experience you are looking for.

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Define Your Needs

Before calling, meeting and driving all over town, make a list of your needs and requirements as best you can. Consider the following:

  • If you are not sure what you are looking for, make a list of those questions and loan features and benefits you know.
  • If you are purchasing a new home, make sure you have information regarding the sellers, attorneys, real estate agent, copies of the sales contract and all supporting information ready.
  • If you are refinancing your home, make sure you have a list of your desired loan terms, what is included in your current payment, new loan features questions, questions on how the process works and some basic explanation of your objectives in refinancing –
    • do you need to lower your payment,
    • do you need cash to assist with other financial obligations,
    • will you remain in your home long term or short term and
    • are you contemplating any improvements

Organize Your Information

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to organize and prepare your personal information. Having information at your fingertips makes the mortgage much more efficient. Whether you call or visit, fir put together a folder or envelope of documents and information that will help answer questions and provide the basis for verification of questions your Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator may need to fully assist you in making your decision.

We suggest you consider the following initial items for all borrowers to be included in your information file:

  • 2 current paycheck stubs
  • 2 current statements for each bank account (checking, savings, money market, CD’s, 401K, and any other cash or asset account maintained
  • 2 years signed tax returns
  • Clear copies of your
    • Valid driver’s license or picture ID,
    • social security card, and
    • birth certificate
  • If you are purchasing a new home, a copy of your complete sales contract and all riders
  • A list of your current open credit card accounts
  • The most current statement for any loans which are outstanding
  • A list of the other real estate you own, with addresses, loan balances (if applicable), taxes and HOA obligations
  • If refinancing your present home, copies of the homeowner’s insurance policy and evidence it is paid current, 2 years’ real estate tax payment history and the current real estate tax bill before calling, meeting and driving all over town, make a list of your needs

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Home Owner Success Stories

    • Crespo Marie Yashi
      “We used to pay a mortgage of $621 a month and now we don’t pay anything.”
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    • Zenaida Rosario
      “Going to Moneyhouse was the best advice anyone has ever given me.”
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    • Louis Encarnacion Diaz
      “Besides living mortgage free, I paid off medical bills and two credit card debts that would just not go away.”
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    • Deirdre Ladyi Bahamonde
      “My house was in foreclosure and Moneyhouse not only saved it they also empowered me to help my parents with their failing health situations.”
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    • Luz Berrios
      “We paid off $90,000 mortgage on our home, lowering our monthly expenses and maintain a substantial line of credit.”
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Moneyhouse Success Stories share the personal successes of people just like you and how we helped them realize their dreams.

It was a time that was very hard for us. It was full of constant worry. What’s going to happen with our economy? How are we going to make next month’s mortgage payment when our only income is our social security and retirement? So the worry was constant. But now it’s different. Now we sleep happy and relaxed. And all because we saw that Moneyhouse ad in the newspaper and the one on TV and decided to call. Juan at Moneyhouse listened to us and treated us very well. That’s never happened before when we went to a bank. In less than a month Moneyhouse called us to come in to sign the paperwork. Things were very difficult but now things are very good. We used to pay a mortgage of $621 a month and now we don’t pay anything. And the house is still ours. We went to Moneyhouse sad…and came out happy. People our age should talk to Moneyhouse because we all deserve to sleep with no worries. Thank you, Moneyhouse.

Crespo Marie Yashi

It was a very tough time. I was about to lose my house. I saw myself on the street and I have a lot of dogs; 10 actually. That made it even tougher. I suffered a lot. Then a friend told me about Moneyhouse and I realized this is what I needed to do. When I went to Moneyhouse, they helped me. They were very attentive and listened to my story. Going to Moneyhouse was the best advice anyone has ever given me. So I applied for a Reverse Mortgage and got it! Not many people know that you can buy a house with a Reverse Mortgage but that’s exactly what I did. I think the people at Moneyhouse enjoyed the process of me buying this house even more than I did. They were all so excited for me, that I even went back to show them pictures of my new home. Everybody celebrated. And the whole process was fast, fast, fast. Under a month. My life truly started to change. I owe my peace of mind and happiness to Moneyhouse. My life has changed and I feel happy with my dogs out in the country. Moneyhouse truly saved my life. Oh, and the best part? I don’t have to pay a penny for my mortgage.

Zenaida Rosario

How has my life changed after making the decision to choose Moneyhouse for my Reverse Mortgage? I can honestly say, that for the first time in years, I am now truly happy. Happy & joyful. My children congratulated me because they saw all the burdens that had been lifted from my life. Besides living mortgage free, I paid off medical bills and two credit card debts that would just not go away. And getting approve and signing the papers took less than 15 days. Moneyhouse came through for me in a big way. If I didn’t live it, I don’t know if I’d believe it.

Louis Encarnacion Diaz

I couldn’t sleep and I had no idea what to do. I was desperate. This is never a good combination. Throughout my life I have always dealt with my problems and the problem I was having needed to be solved. Fast. I was going on year 4 of being laid off from my project management job in the construction industry when I was facing foreclosure and my parent’s had serious, long-term health conditions which kept me from continuing to seek new employment. My dad had diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems and he and my mom both had dementia. My priest told me about a Moneyhouse Reverse Mortgage as a possibility that could help my situation. The more I looked into it, the more good things people to say about Moneyhouse. But the truth is, what I heard about Moneyhouse turned out not to be true. It was even better.

Moneyhouse didn’t waste my time. They listened, they cared and they made sure I understood the process and the product every step along they way. My house was in foreclosure and Moneyhouse not only saved it they also empowered me to help my parents with their failing health situations. Everything in my life changed for the better. And I have Moneyhouse to thank for that.

Deirdre Ladyi Bahamonde

When my husband died I found myself alone with three children all under 15 and I was living on a nurse’ salary. Six years later, I remarried to Brad, a widower with three boys. Suddenly we were a family of eight including six teenagers under one roof. Our friends said we were The Brady Bunch and I would say, ‘No, we don’t have Alice, the cleaning lady.

Not surprisingly, after getting some of the kids through private schools and 5 of the 6 kids through college, we couldn’t save for retirement. Even downsizing from a house to a condo didn’t help. We tried to live on my public school teacher’s pension and both of our Social Security pensions. But we were still just scraping by on a daily basis.

My daughter, Charlotte, the oldest of the bunch is Executive Vice President of Lending at the Mellon Savings Bank and learned about a new product – a reverse mortgage. She gathered all the kids and discussed Alex and I utilizing the equity in our home now instead of passing it on to them. They agreed we should do it, unanimously.

We paid off $90,000 mortgage on our home, lowering our monthly expenses and maintain a substantial line of credit. It’s a great advantage to live on a fixed income and not have to worry about bills every month anymore.

Luz Berrios