FHA Loans are secondary market loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Commonly known as the “more affordable loan”, FHA provides a variety of mortgage loan programs for homeownership:

FHA Purchase Loans

    • Whether you are relocating, upsizing or downsizing, an FHA Purchase loan will provide you with the most affordable features and options available for today’s homeowner.

FHA First Time Homebuyer Loans

    • One of the biggest concerns for first time homebuyers is saving for their first dream home, The FHA First Time Homebuyer Loan can get you into your first home sooner and easier that you think. With consideration for lower down payment, less stringent Borrower qualifications and a variety of features and benefits to maximize your homebuyer experience, the FHA First Time Homebuyer Loan is a must to accelerate your achievement of homeowner status.

FHA Refinance Loans

    • The most common use of the FHA Refinance mortgage loan is to refinance your present mortgage interest rate into a lower rate or type of mortgage loan from an adjustable rate program to a fixed rate program vice versa. Many Borrowers also look to take out additional cash at the time they undertake a refinance as well.

FHA Streamline Refinance Loans

    • If you have an FHA mortgage, the FHA Streamline Refinance program is the fastest and easiest way to refinance your loan. Unlike most refinance loans, the FHA Streamline program may not require verification of income or assets, and an appraisal is not even required in most cases. The FHA Streamline program does not allow you to get cash back but allows for an unlimited loan-to-value ratio, so you can refinance into a lower rate even if you are very underwater on your loan. The Moneyhouse FHA Streamline program will use the information from your original FHA application, instead of verifying your current assets, credit score and income. We then repackage your application to give you a new mortgage with a lower interest rate.

The Moneyhouse FHA Loan Program features include:

    • Low down payment options – as low as 3.5%
    • Low and zero closing cost options
    • Less stringent Borrower qualification requirements – greater income, employment and credit considerations
    • Competitive fixed and adjustable rate program options
    • No prepayment penalty
    • Loan-to-Value availability to 96.50% to Purchase a New Home
    • Loan-to-Value availability to 97.75% for no cash out refinances
    • Loan-to-Value availability to 80.00% for cash out refinances
    • Unlimited Loan-To-Value availability for FHA Streamline Refinances
    • Eligible property types of One to Four Family principal residences,
    • Townhomes, Planned Unit Developments HUD approved condominiums and Single Unit Approval (SUA) condominiums permitted with review
    • Assumable mortgage options
Loan Name Available in U.S. Available in P.R.
FHA – Adjustable Rate YES NO

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Not all programs, references, products, options and terms indicated are available in all states. Terms, features and benefits for specific loan programs and information provided are subject to change without notice. This information is not a loan commitment, loan approval, or offer to lend. Individual and property specific program qualification guidelines including borrower and property eligibility should be discussed with a professionally licensed Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator. You are encouraged to seek professional services assistance for accounting, legal and real estate matters relating to your contemplated transaction. Some programs referenced may require specific 3rd party or designated housing counseling requirements. For refinance programs, program imitations may include cash-out options and loan-to-value – refer to specific program guidelines offered by your professionally licensed Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator for more details. For purchase transactions, property value is determined as the lesser of the final purchase price or the adjusted appraised value – refer to specific program qualification and eligibility guidelines offered by your professionally licensed Moneyhouse Mortgage Loan Originator for more details. Programs and products noted may require the payment of upfront, annual and/or monthly private mortgage insurance premiums and/or mortgage insurance payments. Not all programs will provide proceeds sufficient to pay off outstanding debts and liens filed of record. Other restrictions may apply. These materials and information are not from or approved by HUD/FHA. The Money House, Inc., is an Equal Housing Lender.