Moneyhouse is dedicated to providing an exemplary level of customer satisfaction to all of our customers. We achieve this benchmark level of service and satisfaction through a variety of ongoing employee training and education programs, compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations and offering a wide range of products which meet or exceed customer expectations for achieving the “Right Fit” mortgage loan for their individual situation and need.

In maximizing Borrower Safeguards as well as protecting the public and our company, it is important that you are aware of your rights as a consumer and borrower, which are explained in your loan package disclosures; and your right to undertake a search of our performance record within in the mortgage industry including compliance with those entities that license and authorize us to conduct mortgage activities as a direct lender.

The content tabs on this page are also available for your review to assist with additional information in making your choice of Moneyhouse as your lender.

We welcome your questions and concerns at any time throughout your mortgage transactions process and urge you to reach out to us should you require additional support or service.

Inquiries can be directed via email to: or by phone to 787-725-8000 (Toll Free 1-800-405-4554).